Set Up (Governing Body)

Departmental Setup

Autonomous Body

In the year 1997, this institute has been turned as an autonomous body by M.P. Government.

General Council (Sadharan Sabha General Council (Sadharan Sabha) -

Top governing body , The "Sadharan Sabha" is presided over by the Hon'ble Minister of AYUSH , Government of M.P. Bhopal and amongst other, the Principal Secretary, AYUSH Department and the Director of AYUSH (Department of Indian System of Medicine and Homoeopathy), M.P. Bhopal are the hon'ble Members of the Society. The Principal of the College has been designed as member secretary and the Chief Executive Officer of the Institute.

Executive Committee ( Karyakarani Samiti) -

The Executive Committee of the Institute is chaired by the Commissioner of Gwalior Division, The Secretary of the AYUSH Department and the Director of AYUSH (I.S.M. &H.) Department are also The Hon'ble Members of the Committee. The Principal of the college is member secretary to this committee.

Financial Committee (Vitta Samiti) -

The financial committee of the institute is chaired by Principal of institute with the member s of One person having experience in banking/finance to be nominated by the Executive Committee of the College for Period of two years, Two senior teachers of the College to be nominated in rotation by the Dean/principal for two years, Joint Director, Treasury of the concerned Revenue Division,Senior most Administrative officer of the member-Institution to be nominated by the Chairman Secretary.

College Administration

Principal / CEO
Dr. Mahesh Kumar Sharma

Dr. Mahesh Kumar Sharma

Head Cleark
Mr. Nirmal Kumar sharma

Sthapana (Extablishment)
Dr. Utkarsh kalyankar (I/C)
Mrs. Prabha Sharma / Mr. Dipesh Joshi
Smt. Pratima shukla
Mr. Mani Mishra

Vividh (Miscellaneous) & Purchase
Dr. K. L Sharma (I/C)
Mr. Dilip Singh Gaur

Account Section
Dr. Dev Kunj Chouhan (I/C)
Mr. Nirmal Kumar Sharma (Accountant) &
Mr. Sushil

Officer I/C Computer Section
Dr. Rahul Gupta

Para Medical Training Course
Dr. Dev Kunj Chouhan (I/C)
Mr. Uday Singh Rajput

Student Section
Dr. Dev Kunj Chouhan (I/C)
Smt. Sharda Sharma
Mr. Bapu Singh Waskel

Scholarship Section
Dr. Dev Kunj Chouhan (I/C)
Mr. Shri Krishna

Officer I/c Court Case
Dr. Ramveer Verma

Officer I/c Autonomous /CCIM Section
Dr. Utkarsha Kalyankar